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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of brass is used in 10mm?

All Indoor shot and stored Nickel plated 10MM brass, this material is in excellent shape and is ready to ship now! Headstamps include but are not limited to Federal, Speer, Winchester, and Remington. Anyone looking to make match grade or defense ammo, this nickel brass is perfect for you.

What kind of brass does Diamond K use?

Diamond K Brass offers our 10mm once fired brass cleaned from any debris. The 10mm once fired brass will consist of mixed manufacturer headstamps. Need projectiles to complete your reloading process?

What kind of brass do you need to reload a carbine?

10mm , 357mag, 30 Carbine, Missouri Hi-Tek Bullets, Brazos Bullets, Barnes 458 TTSX, and more. 458 Socom brass and bullets, 50 A&E, 38 Super, 500 S&W new brass cartridges and more.

How long does it take for ammobrass to ship brass?

We do this so that when the brass is ready to ship, we can immediately box and ship it. So, don't worry too much if your tracking number does not update for several days. Please do not contact us about shipping times or status of your order unless it is past 3 weeks.

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