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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find 110 cameras and film?

110 Again! We continue our steadfast Analog ways with the widest selection of 110 Film and Cameras to be found anywhere in the world. Your 110 Headquarters. From Superheadz, Powershovel, Lomo, and Ultrafine, all of our 110 resources, have been pooled together to create one ten mania. Pull on to Hiway 110 and get off at the Ultrafine Exit.

What kind of film was used in the Kodak 110?

With APC-C film loaded into cartridges, 110 cameras sold in their millions in the 1970s and 80s Kodak spent the best part of a century perfecting the point-and-shoot camera and arguably achieved its goal with the 110 Pocket Instamatic format.

Which is the best 110 film for photography?

Slightly expired but still delivering beautiful colors! This black and white 110 emulsion will yield nothing but the finest monochrome shots. Give your 110 shots a golden glow with the Lomography Lobster Redscale 110 film! Splash fresh shades of yellow, green and blue on your shots with Lomography’s Peacock 110 X-Pro Film.

Which is the first 110 color negative film?

Paint your 110 shots with roaring colors with this 3-pack of Lomography’s first 110 color negative film. Tiger is Lomography’s first 110 color negative film and will give you fresh and sharp shots like no other.

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