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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Kodak 110 film come out?

The 110 cartridge was introduced by Kodak in 1972 with Kodak Pocket Instamatic cameras. Thanks to the awesome folks at Lomography, we now have fresh, new 110 films for your fav 110 film camera!

Where can I buy 110 film?

You can buy 110 film at Film photography Store or Lomography. Lomography re-introduced slide film for 110 with their Peacock 200 ASA model.

Is the Kodak 110 pocket instamatic the perfect point-and-shoot camera?

Kodak spent the best part of a century perfecting the point-and-shoot camera and arguably achieved its goal with the 110 Pocket Instamatic format. It wasn’t such a big hit with enthusiast-level shooters, but these film cameras sold in huge numbers for the best part of two decades.

Why are 110 film cameras so popular?

Film comparison of 110 and 135 image sizes. The pocketability and ease of loading made 110 popular very quickly, creating enthusiasts for the camera and it’s film. The size allowed designers to carry a small pocketable camera that had an aspect very different from the traditional 35mm cameras.

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