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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between 120V and 110V power?

110V/115V/120V Power While North American homes mostly utilize 120V power, they are connected to two live wires, not just one. Normal appliances get 120V from either of the live wires, while power-heavy appliances such as Washer/Dryer, Electric Stoves, Etc. get 220V by using both live wires.

Why does the United States use 120V power?

Historically speaking, one of the main reasons why the US retained 120V as its standard power supply was due to the power grid already being largely established, making it too costly to switch over. The main benefits of 120V power are quite limited. 120V AC Power has a reduced chance of producing a terminal electrocution should one occur.

What kind of outlet is a 120 VAC?

It’s just the use of sloppy terminology to describe the same thing. The standard is 120 VAC and will be a polarized two-prong outlet or the more familiar three hole outlet with two prongs and a grounding pin.

Which is better 230 V or 120 V?

A 230 V distribution system will use less conductor material than a 120 V system to deliver a given amount of power because the current, and consequently the resistive loss, is lower.

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