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Frequently Asked Questions

What is chapter 15-7 adoption of children?

CHAPTER 15-7 Adoption of Children SECTION 15-7-7 § 15-7-7. Termination of parental rights.

What does section 15-7-7 termination of parental rights mean?

Section 15-7-7 - Termination of parental rights. § 15-7-7 Termination of parental rights.

Why is the 7 / 15 Norwalk project important?

The 7/15 Norwalk Project is an initiative to provide the missing connections between Route 7 and Route 15 (Merritt Parkway). The Project aims to improve mobility and safety at the Main Avenue and Route 7 interchanges on the Merritt Parkway.

What is the difference between IL-7 and IL-15?

While IL-7 and IL-15 both induced proliferation of KLRG1(lo) cells, KLRG1(hi) cells exhibited an extraordinarily high level of resistance to cytokine-driven proliferation in vivo despite their dramatic accumulation upon IL-15 administration.

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