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Frequently Asked Questions

How many minutes in an egg timer?

Most traditional egg timers have a set time of about three minutes, that being the approximate time it takes to cook an average sized hen's egg in water. Hard-boiled eggs take longer to cook. The three minute egg timer is for soft-boiled eggs.

What is a 24 hour timer?

The 24-hour clock is a way of telling the time in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours, numbered from 0 to 24. It does not use a.m. or p.m. This system is also referred to (only in the US and the English speaking parts of Canada) as military time or (only in the United Kingdom and now very rarely)...

What is a timer bomb?

time′ bomb`. n. 1. a bomb containing a clock or timer that can be set to explode at a certain time. 2. a situation that may have disastrous consequences at any time in the near future.

What is the timer for 10 minutes?

When timer comes to zero minutes, zero seconds and zero milliseconds, alarm will start ringing. Press the "stop" button and alarm will stop. If you want to start again and set timer for 10 minutes or set alarm for 10 minutes, just press the "reset" button. In "timer settings" you can change the time for timer.

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