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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in 1930 in America?

The 1930s saw natural disasters as well as manmade ones: For most of the decade, people in the Plains states suffered through the worst drought in American history, as well as hundreds of severe dust storms, or "black blizzards," that carried away the soil and made it all but impossible to plant crops.

What clothing did men wear in 1930?

Underwear and Swimwear. Men’s undergarments of the 1930’s were traditionally loose underpants and vests, men also wore union suits in winter but these were no longer seen as fashionable. Boxers and briefs with elastic waistbands became popular as they provided a more convenient alternative to buttons and ties.

What important events happened in the 1930s?

A timeline of events from the 1930s. The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover went after gangsters, and Franklin D. Roosevelt became synonymous with the decade with his New Deal and "fireside chats.". This momentous decade ended with the beginning of World War II in Europe with Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland in September 1939.

What was the Dust Bowl in 1930?

The Dust Bowl, also known as “the Dirty Thirties,” started in 1930 and lasted for about a decade, but its long-term economic impacts on the region lingered much longer. Severe drought hit the Midwest and Southern Great Plains in 1930.

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