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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1U, 2U or 3U mean?

April 3, 2013. by EDN. Comments 3. Many rack-mounted power systems and power supplies are specified as being 1U, 2U, 3U, etc. What does this mean? For electronic equipment racks (e.g., 19 or 23 inches wide), the term 1U is used to define one rack unit of height. To be precise, 1U equals 1.75-inches (44.45mm) of rack height.

What's the difference between a 1U and a 2U rack unit?

What is the difference?" The 'U' in any server description is short for "RU" which stands for Rack Unit -- this is the standardized designation for the form factor of the server: 1U = 1.75" in height or thickness. 2U is 1.75" x2 = 3.5 inches.

What does ( 1U < < X ) do?

1U << 0 = 1 1U << 1 = 2 1U << 2 = 4 etc... What happens is 1U (unsigned value 1) is shifted to the left by x bits. enum { IsDynamic = 1U, // binary: 00000000000000000000000000000001 IsSharable = 2U, // binary: 00000000000000000000000000000010 IsStrong = 4U // binary: 00000000000000000000000000000100 }

How tall is a 1U server compared to a 2U?

1U vs. 2U. What Does the 'U' Refer to When Buying a Server? Rack Units Height (in) Height (cm) 1U 1.75″ 4.4 cm 2U 3.5″ 8.9 cm 3U 5.25″ 13.3 cm 4U 7″ 17.78 cm

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