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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the Arcade 1up Arcade machine?

Arcade 1up sent out the missing rear wall, in just a couple of weeks. I kind of wish these were a couple of inches taller, but at their current height, they bring the Arcade 1up machine to about the height of a cabaret style arcade machine.

Is the Arcade1Up classic cabinet still worth the money?

It is still "playable" but not worth the money- although the memories of a simple 80's game was a blast. Absolutely I love it, it's such a blast From the past to 80's Arcade gamers. To those who always dreamed to own their Arcade Machine in home, this is a nearest to that old school days feeling.

Can a Arcade 1Up be used in a living room?

I got several other Arcade 1up machines, mainly to make my living room look like a working arcade. The assembly was easy, except for monitor installation, in which some screws were a bit tricky to drive. My unit came with the deck protector, to stop the graphics being rubbed off.

How to increase the height of an arcade riser?

Arcade1UP Riser1 ft (Arcade1Up (Generic)) 1 Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 2 Boost the height of your Arcade 1UP machine to standing height 3 Increases product height by 1 foot 4 This listing is for the riser only 5 Arcade Riser for Arcade1UP Classic Arcade Machines 6 Dimensions: 18" x 19" x 12" made of wood

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