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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Arcade 1Up at Wal Mart?

If you're a Gen Xer with fond memories of playing this machine in your local arcade/tavern/small town Wal-Mart lobby (that's me!), this machine will definitely provide the nostalgia at a price that, while marginally higher than other Arcade1Up cabs, is pretty reasonable. May the Force be with you! 4.0 out of 5 stars One (very) minor flaw.

How tall is the Star Wars arcade machine?

The Star Wars Home Arcade Game features the artwork from the original arcade machine on the cabinet and the included riser. The just over 5ft. tall machine (with riser) comes with a light up marquee, full-color 17" display and dual speakers.

Where can I get an Arcade 1Up cabinet?

Assembly is basically the same as other Arcade1Up cabs. If you can assemble Ikea, you can assemble Arcade1Up. We purchased our Star Wars cabinet from a third-party wholesaler here on Amazon.

Is there an arcade system for Star Wars?

Star Wars Arcade alone would have convinced me to buy this (ah, putting a price on nostalgia), but it also has Empire and Return games (which I didn't even know existed!). The classic artwork is nice and really helps the nostalgia. The one game of the three that I knew well (Star Wars) is exactly what I remember.

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