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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose all 1UP USA?

All 1Up USA products are designed and built with one goal in mind – to make your cycling life better. We combine superior materials and craftsmanship with a keen understanding of what you need and expect from your gear. The result is reliable, rugged, no-hassle goods for transporting your bikes.

Can Zwifters see the power curves of other riders?

ZwiftPower has just rolled out a new feature allowing Zwifters to view the critical power curves of themselves and other riders. Here is an example from today’s KISS Sunday Night Race showing the power curves of winner Tim Cartwright and 5th place finisher Gavin Richardson.

What is your critical power curve?

Your critical power curve helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and these become especially apparent when you compare your curve to others in a race.

Do you train to improve your power profile?

While part of your power profile is genetically-influenced, you can always train to improve areas of weakness. More importantly, knowing your critical power numbers for key intervals is the basis of most modern cycling training plans.

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