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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 1UP Quik rack a good hitch rack?

The overall score of the 1UP suffered due to ease of use issues and a lack of security features. The 1Up USA Heavy Duty Quik rack is hitch rack with a unique design. Loading and unloading bikes on the 1Up is a rather different procedure compared to more traditional tray-style hitch racks with front wheel clamps.

Which is the fastest hitch mounting bike rack?

If you’re going for popularity, this rack is it. 1UP USA has the fastest hitch-mounting and bike-loading rack on the planet. Buy one and try it. Within 10 seconds you’ll be in the driver’s seat on your way to the trailhead. 100% made in the USA, all our racks come fully assembled and ready to be “hitched”!

Is there a safety pin on the 1UP rack?

The 1Up is the only rack we tested that has no safety pin at the hitch receiver. The rack is secured to the vehicle by an expanding wedge that also takes the wobble out of the system. The wedge is turned with a special hex wrench that comes included with the rack.

Where does Quik rack MACH2 bicycle rack come from?

QuikrStuff - Proudly made in the USA. - QuikrStuff - Home of the Quik Rack Mach2 Bicycle Rack After 20 years of perfecting the original model, the Mach2 is the new gold standard. The new hitch design uses two aluminum pads instead of one steel ball.

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