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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rack does 1UP make?

1UP USA design and manufacture all their racks right in here in the USA. They have three different models with add-on capabilities available for most of their bike racks. The Super Duty rack is the burliest, with extra support bars in the locking mechanism. Thanks to the extra support, the 1UP Super Duty holds bikes up to 75lbs each.

How big is a 1UP heavy duty Quik rack?

Additionally, 1Up sells add-ons to increase your racks capacity by 1 bike (up to 4 bikes max). The 1Up USA Heavy Duty Quik Rack is limited to tires 3" in width which decreases its versatility for use with plus and fat bikes. No complaints here, the 1Up was the easiest hitch rack we tested. It comes out of the box fully assembled and ready for use.

How big is the Super Duty double rack?

On the double, the Super-Duty way. With 3/8” x 13 x 1” added support bar under each tray, this rack has the same functionality and features as all our racks.

Is there a safety pin on the 1UP rack?

The 1Up is the only rack we tested that has no safety pin at the hitch receiver. The rack is secured to the vehicle by an expanding wedge that also takes the wobble out of the system. The wedge is turned with a special hex wrench that comes included with the rack.

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