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Frequently Asked Questions

How many ohms does a Lexus 1UZ-FE injectors use?

However, if you need more fuel flow, you can get two 6.8 ohms/10 watts. This will lower the resistance therefore greater fuel flow. The stock ECU can manage to lower around 50%. However, 440 cc/min would be too large for the stock ECU.

Can you build your own 1UZ, 2uz, 5VZ rig?

We’ll get you to done – you CAN build your own 1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZ, 5VZ, 2/3RZ or 1/2UR-powered rig. While we list as many parts as possible, there are always new designs coming in (often at our customers’ behest). If you have questions about what your swap requires, or seek parts you can’t find, just ask – we are happy to help.

Where are the injectors on a Toyota uzfe?

If you want to used those injectors, you would have to add a 10 ohms resistor to the power wire. If you think that is too much trouble, then you need to look for top feed, high impedance and physically fit into the fuel rail and lower intake.

Where do you mount a 1UZ engine in a Toyota?

This one-size-fits-all mount locates the 1UZ engine in the ideal spot in the Toyota engine bay: as far back as possible (leaving room at the front of the engine), and high enough to allow the 1UZ to fit IFS rigs. These mounts replace the OE Toyota units, bolting directly to the engine and frame.

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