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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of idle control does a Toyota 1UZ-FE have?

There are two main types of idle control valves commonly fitted petrol engines with a mechanical throttle: stepper motors and solenoids. The earlier, non-VVTi versions of the Toyota/Lexus 1UZ-FE 4.0L V8 engine (from approx 1989-1997) were fitted with a 6 wire idle control stepper motor on the front of the intake manifold.

What are the engine changes on the 1uzfe?

Engine changes such as VVT-i increased the horsepower. As you might be able to tell from these numbers, the VVT-i system worked wonders of the 1UZFE. The VVT-i system added 40 horsepower, and 40 lb-ft of torque. Most notably, the VVT-i system brought the peak torque down 400 rpm, making the car much more fun to drive around the street.

How does the 1UZ-FE idle speed control solenoid conversion kit?

Therefore, NZEFI has developed this 1UZ-FE direct fit idle speed control solenoid conversion kit. The solenoid included in the kit bolts to the intake manifold using a CNC-machined aluminium adapter at the same location as the factory stepper motor. The kit includes:

How many valves does a Toyota 1uzfe have?

Like I mentioned before, it is a dual overhead camshaft engine, with 32 valves (4 valves per cylinder). Unfortunately, the 1UZFE doesn’t have hydraulic lifters, so it needs periodic valve adjustments. Later versions of the 1UZFE received Toyota’s VVT-i system, which improved horsepower and fuel economy.

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