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Frequently Asked Questions

What caused the 2003 recall of California governor Anthony Davis?

The 2003 recall was prompted by some actions taken by Davis and his predecessor, Governor Wilson. Many people were upset with the governor's decision to block the enactment of Proposition 187, which had been found unconstitutional by a Federal District Court.

What does it mean to be recalled in California?

California recall history. No illegality has to be committed by politicians in order for them to be recalled. If an elected official commits a crime while in office, the state legislature can hold impeachment trials. For a recall, only the will of the people is necessary to remove an official.

What was the 1999 recall effort in California?

The 1999 recall effort was prompted by several actions taken by Davis, including his preventing the enactment of Proposition 187 by keeping it from being appealed to the US Supreme Court and his signing of two new highly restrictive gun-control laws, as well as the California electricity crisis of the early 2000's.

How many times has a California governor been recalled?

Nineteen U.S. states, along with the District of Columbia, allow the recall of state officials. Before the successful recall of Gray Davis, no California statewide official had ever been recalled, though there had been 117 previous attempts. Only seven of those even made it onto the ballot, all for state legislators.

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