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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my radiator fan not working properly?

The voltage goes from the computer through the sensor and back to the computer. If the sensor does not have the right resistance to change the voltage returning to the computer the wrong signal will be sent. Inspect the radiator fan by spinning it with the fingers and see if it is free moving.

Where is the ECT fan connector on a Chevy Silverado?

This is a two-wire connector with a yellow and a black wire. It is located near the coolant outlet on the upper rear of the hose. When the connector is pulled off of the ECT, within a second or two the fan should come on.

How do you fix a fan that won't turn on?

Install a jumper wire to the red wire at the harness connector and the black wire to ground. Touch the red jumper to battery positive side and the fan should operate if it is not burnt out. If it does not come on, check the connection for a good power and ground on the jumpers.

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