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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Toyota Supra sunsport two boats in one?

Supra Sunsport could be two boats in one. With a skier in tow, the Supra scored high marks, especially for its wakes and its tracking. (Photo by Tom Newby)

What kind of canvas does a Toyota Supra use?

Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) Canvas for Supra® boats: RNR-Marine™ is a leading dealer for who patterned and manufactured Factory Original-Equipment-Manufacturer (OEM) canvas for Supra® Comp, Gravity, Launch, Legacy, Santera and Sunsport boats from 2001 to current.

What covers do you offer for supra® boats?

Factory Original-Equipment (OEM) Covers for Supra® boats : We offer Factory OEM Bow and Cockpit Covers (typically in durable Sunbrella®) to fit your Supra® boat perfectly.

Can you install the canvas snaps in my supra(R) boat?

Supra (r) installed the snaps in their boats, canvas and covers at their factory, so we cannot install the canvas snaps for you because we do not have locations (see Canvas/Snap Installation to learn about installing snaps). We can only sell canvas and covers direct for Supra (r) boats over 2 years old.

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