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Frequently Asked Questions

How many speakers does a Toyota 4Runner have?

The number of speakers in your 4Runner depends on which stock stereo system you have. If you replace the lower-impedance JBL speakers with higher-impedance aftermarket speakers, you'll wind up with lower volume levels.

What kind of car is a 2007 Toyota 4Runner?

More information about the 2007 Toyota 4Runner: The 2007 Toyota 4Runner is an SUV that is at home in the grocery store parking lot or rumbling down the trail to a mountain lake. Built on a truck frame, the 4Runner offers ground clearance and heavy-duty parts that allow it to go to locales other SUVs fear to tread.

Is the Toyota 4Runner a good SUV to buy?

When it comes to SUVs with serious street cred, the Toyota 4Runner is right up there with some of the best. Toyota has a long and healthy history with rugged, go-anywhere utes, starting with the original Land Cruiser and continuing right on to the current lineup.

How do I get to the receiver on a 4Runner?

The 4Runner's dash and console are pretty thoroughly integrated, so you'll need to remove a few things in order to get to the receiver. Open the console compartment door, use a panel tool to pry up the gear shift trim panel, disconnect the wiring harnesses, and remove the panel. Next, carefully pry up the console trim and remove that.

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