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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of headlights does a 2011 Toyota Prius have?

Find direct-fit 2011 Toyota Prius headlight bulb replacements on this page and browse our selection to find high-beam or low-beam lights that will get you the visibility you need to drive confidently. We have halogen and HID bulbs, as well as ZXE bulbs that are made to shine as brightly as LED headlights.

What kind of light bulbs do I need for my Prius?

Carry out regular checks on your Toyota Prius to ensure that light bulbs are functioning properly. If you need a replacement, shop only for OEM parts and be wary of aftermarket imitations. Your Toyota Prius may need a new High Intensity Discharge Headlight kit or Xenon headlamp kit.

How do I change the parking light bulb on my car?

• Reach out to the small plastic base of the parking light bulb and rotate it anticlockwise. • Pull out the existing bulb and install the new # 168 or 2825 into the socket.

How do I change the low beam bulb on my headlight?

• Install the new H11 low beam bulb and rotate it in a clockwise direction to secure it into the headlight assembly. Use a clean paper towel dampened with alcohol to clean off any dirt, oil, or fingerprints from the bulb.

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