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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace the side door cable on a Sienna?

Without further ado, here’s how you can replace the side door cable assembly in your Sienna: Take out the seat closest to the defective sliding door. (Optional; this just gives you more room to work on the door.) Roll down the window on the defective door. On the side of the door is a hex screw holding the plastic panel in place. Remove the screw.

Why won't my Sienna side door open or close?

Chances are it’s because the cable assembly is damaged. The Sienna side door cable is prone to fraying, snapping, and more. Have you determined that your cable assembly is damaged and it’s the reason your side door isn’t opening or closing? You can replace the cable assembly yourself even if you have limited mechanical skills.

How do I replace the Sienna side door release actuator?

There’s a pulley system with a Sienna side door release actuator in the bottom corner of the door. (If you’re working on the right door, the pulley system is in the bottom right corner; on the left door, the pulley system is on the bottom left corner.) Remove all of the screws holding it in place. Slide-out the side door cable assembly.

How do you remove the side door cable on a Toyota Corolla?

There’s a plastic cover covering the side door cable below the window. Pry it off. Remove the nut holding the cable in the bracket and then slide the cable assembly out of the bracket. Inside the door, there are three bolts holding the cable assembly in place (where the cable makes a right angle turn). Remove all three bolts.

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