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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Toyota Highlander have a sunroof?

There are four gas models available for the 2016 Toyota Highlander, and two of them are standard with a sunroof. The 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE and Limited models are set with a power tilt/slide moonroof that comes with a sunshade and jam protection.

What is ECT snow button on Toyota Highlander?

Meaning of 06 Toyota Highlander ECT Snow Button. This button is designed to start the transmission off in second gear instead of first gear thereby decreasing the chance of wheels spin on slippery conditions due to higher gear range providing less torque. The four-wheel drive models had a button there that says Lock which allowed you to lock...

What is the snow button on my Highlander?

Highlander Snow Mode. The snow button is useful if you're in deep snow situations, and it places your vehicle in 2nd gear so as to limit wheel spin and lower the torque, abling you to get out of the snow easier. There is no disable button for this feature, aside from your pressing it on or off.

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