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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Fox Soccer on TV?

Some of the exclusive streams in USA may be available via online streaming service Fox Soccer Match Pass, whereas and the official Fox Sports app serve to add to the viewers’ experience by providing more ways of watching the games telecast by the linear TV networks.

Which is the official website of Fox Sports? is the official website of U.S. broadcaster Fox Sports, and it serves as an OTT platform for the network’s subscribers. It publishes various kinds of media content, including live and on demand streams to multiple sporting events throughout the year.

Are there any English language channels for Fox Sports?

English-language channels FS1, FS2 and FOX, as well as Spanish-language network Fox Deportes, also moved their streams to the Fox Sports app—thus restricting Fox Sports GO to regional sports content only.

How much is a subscription to Fox Sports?

You can Purchase a FOX SPORTS Digital Subscription at or a FOXTEL Subscription at $49.00 for 12 months (with payment in advance and automatically debited annually, payable by credit/debit card or PayPal).

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