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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to file CA 540X?

If you are not including a payment and/or are expecting a California tax refund, mail it to Franchise Tax Board, P.O. Box 942840, Sacramento, CA 94240-0001. If you’re filing an amended return for tax years 2016 and earlier, you’ll have to mail it in. Use the old Form 540X and mail it to the applicable address above.

What is Form 540 in California?

What is Form 540? Form 540 is used by California residents to file their state income tax every April . This form should be completed after filing your federal taxes, such as Form 1040, Form 1040A, or Form 1040EZ, because information from your federal taxes will be used to help fill out Form 540.

What is schedule p 540?

Form 540 Schedule P is a California Individual Income Tax form. States often have dozens of even hundreds of various tax credits, which, unlike deductions, provide a dollar-for-dollar reduction of tax liability. Some common tax credits apply to many taxpayers, while others only apply to extremely specific situations.

What is ca Form 540?

CA Form 540 is a state income tax form used by California residents. It is better known as a California Resident Income Tax Return. This California tax form is used by citizens who live and work in California. Related Documents.

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