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What was the score in the 4th quarter?

4th quarter: Two big passes from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski brought the Patriots to the Rams’ goal line, and Sony Michel punched the ball in to score the first touchdown of the game. 10-3, Patriots.

What are the dates for the first quarter of 2020?

Q1 2020 Dates: January 1 - March 31 Q2 2020 Dates: April 1 - June 30 Q3 2020 Dates: July 1 - September 30 Q4 2020 Dates: October 1 - December 31

What are the non-standard quarters of a fiscal year?

Q2 2021: April 1 - June 30 Q3 2021: July 1 - September 30 Q4 2021: October 1 - December 31 What Are Non-Standard Fiscal Quarters?

What was the last quarter score of the Super Bowl?

Needing to overcome a 10-point deficit in the final quarter, Mahomes threw an incredibly costly interception in the 49ers’ half of the field. His throw to Tyreek Hill was behind the receiver, and was deflected to Tarvarius Moore. Another pick for the 49ers!

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