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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a Score Predictor sheet?

Special thanks to r/Gubernaculum for allowing my post to stay pinned for so long and for r/bearcub84 for creating the groundwork for this sheet to be possible. Also thank you to those who did analysis in the past, as your calculations made this effort possible

Do you need an E / M interactive score sheet?

Use of this interactive score sheet is with the understanding that any E/M code suggested is based upon the selections of the user and is offered without any warranty or guarantee of any kind. It is the responsibility of the provider of services to ensure the correct submission of claims and responses to any remittance advice.

Where can I find a raw score conversion table?

Scale scores allow direct comparisons of student performance between specific sets of test questions from different test. To view raw score conversion tables for other assessments, visit the Raw Score Conversion Tables webpage.

What are the STAAR raw score conversion tables for 2019?

2018–2019 STAAR Raw Score Conversion Tables Grade Administration Subjects 8 May 2019 Paper Embedded Supports Reading | Mathematics | Science | Social ... 8 May 2019 Braille Science 8 June 2019 Reading | Mathematics 8 June 2019 Paper Embedded Supports Reading | Mathematics 28 more rows ...

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