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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any daily sweepstakes or instant win games?

The list on this page includes all sweepstakes, instant win games and daily entries mixed together. If you would like to just go to 1 specific list, please use the following: Also guys, if you are looking for some information on increasing your odds for a win, we have a couple of pages that you can check out!

When do you have to claim your sweepstakes rewards?

Enter the specified number of sweepstakes between 12 AM & 11:59 PM, ET to unlock each Token Reward. Once unlocked, you must come back to claim your Token Rewards the following day between 12 AM & 11:59 PM, ET or they will be forfeited. Token reward unlocked - keep it up!

What's the cash prize for the PCH sweepstakes?

PCH is looking to make life a little easier with a $10,000 cash prize to help pay those bills and eliminate debt for good! If that sounds like a dream come true to you, make sure you enter today!

Who are the winners of the Clorox sweepstakes?

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Pizza Oven Sweepstakes (Select States) 10 winners will score a Pizza Oven and a pizza-making kit! July 6, 2021: Clorox Caregivers Gift of Care Sweepstakes: 1,000 winning Caregivers will score a $250 pre-paid gift card, and 4 Grand Prize winners will get $25,000 CASH!

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