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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you join fantasy football?

Select the Fantasy tab on the Sports page. Scroll down to the Fantasy Football box and click on the Sign Up Now link. Select the Join a Basic League link after you get to the sign-up page.

What is a dynasty football draft?

A "dynasty league" is a specific type of keeper league where owners keep all of their players from the previous season. Every summer, a rookie draft occurs where rookie fantasy football players are added to these teams, but there is otherwise no player movement between veteran NFL players in a dynasty fantasy league (besides the occasional trade).

What is a rookie draft?

THE ROOKIE DRAFT. BETWEEN the final pre-season draft selection and first rookie draft pick, clubs with academies or potential father-son selections have the ability to select those players, without fear of another club outbidding them. In other words, there is no bidding system.

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