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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the Tokyo Olympics medals come out?

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Medal tally will be updated from July 23, 2021 The Tokyo organizing committee of Olympics games initiated the electronics recycling program to produce medals - Gold, Silver and Bronze using mobile phones.

How many medals does the United States have in the Olympics?

Rank. Country. Gold Medal. Silver Medal. Bronze Medal. Olympic Medal Tally. 1. United States (USA) 46.

What was the medal tally for the 2016 Olympics?

Olympics medal tally for the last edition (2016) Rank Country Gold Medal Silver Medal Olympic Medal Tally 1 United States (USA) 46 37 121 2 Great Britain (GBR) 27 23 67 3 China (CHN) 26 18 70 4 Russia (RUS) 19 17 56 67 more rows ...

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