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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word 220?

Meaning of 220. What Does 220 Mean? 220 means "Second to None". 220 is commonly used in internet chat forums and text speak to mean "Second to None", which is an idiom meaning "The Best" , "Peerless" or "Unequalled".

What kind of car is the Mercedes 220?

The A 220 Sedan is an advanced mobile device that can really move you. Its groundbreaking voice control responds to you in ways no car ever has. And its turbo power is delivered with bold style, innovative luxury, and advanced safety.

What kind of bullet is a 220 Swift?

The.220 Swift is a.22-caliber round that fires.224-inch bullets, the same as used atop.223 Remington,.22-250 Remington,.224 Weatherby Magnum,.24 Nosler and similar.22 centerfire cartridges. Winchester created this load, and named it for what it was—swift. It’s a “hot” round, pushing a 48-grain bullet at 4,100 fps.

Where is the 220 restaurant in Birmingham located?

Every Guest, Every Time. The new Birmingham upscale attraction 220 is a landmark in history. The restaurant is housed in the “Old Detroit Edison” building that has been standing since 1932. The building was originally constructed by The Detroit Edison Company and served as the offices for the Northern suburbs.

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