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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 110V and a 220V?

What is the Difference Between a 110v and a 220v. Posted October 26, 2017. When comparing 110v with 220v wiring, you have remember they both essentially do the same thing. They supply power to electrical outlets. 220v wiring uses less current than 110v wiring. Power is measured in watts.

What does 120VAC or 240VAC mean?

120/240 refers to the common voltage into a typical home. There are two lines that are 120 volts each supplying power to two different legs in your breaker/fuse panel.

What is 230V 3 phase?

230V Three Phase Classic. If you have access to three phase power supply, consider a 3Ph (Three Phase) Tuhorse pump for maximum efficiency and reducing pump wire costs. 3 Phase power in general allows you to use smaller wire gauges to save money!

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