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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any.25 caliber rifle cartridges available?

For a caliber generally overlooked by most shooters (no .25 is among the 10 best selling rifle cartridges), there are a number of .25 caliber factory loaded cartridges available in the marketplace, and at least a couple of notable wildcats.

Is the.25-35 Winchester a good cartridge?

In addition, Marlin and Henry have, or intend to (depending on which brand you prefer and when you are reading this), offered the .25-35 in their new rifles. For those who have not experienced the versatile, mild and effective .25-35 Winchester, now is a good time to discover this fine cartridge.

What kind of cartridge is the.25-35 Marlin?

Historically, when Marlin chambered the .25-35 in their rifles they called it the ".25-36 Marlin." Once very popular, the .25-35 eventually fell on hard times when its ballistics were surpassed by later "combination" cartridges, such as the .250-3000 Savage and .257 Roberts.

Why was the.25 ACP pistol cartridge invented?

The cartridge was designed by John Browning for early blowback pistols that lacked a breech locking mechanism. The cartridge was designed to duplicate the performance of a .22 Long Rifle cartridge, when fired from a two-inch barrel. The .25 caliber was the smallest case Browning could use that still had space for a primer pocket.

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