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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is A.25 Stevens rimfire ammo worth?

I have a box of 50 .25 stevens short rounds and a box of 50 .25 stevens long rounds. I don't plan on selling them now, but if I were going to how much do you think they would be worth?

What kind of gun is a 25 Stevens?

25 Stevens, Short or Long Pls check "Bargain Bin" and "Other Rimfire" pages for more possiblities in this caliber (links at top of this page). 25 Remington Auto Remington Kleanbore.

How big is a 25-25 Stevens black powder charge?

It also suffered a "freakish" appearance, due to its length to diameter ratio. It was also found that the usual 20 or 21 gr (1.30 or 1.36 g) black powder charge of the shorter 25-21 offered "practically the same ballistics" as 24 or 25 gr (1.56 or 1.62 g) in the .25-25.

Where can I buy a Stevens single shell?

Winchester Single Shell Diamond .25 Short Rimfire - .25 Stevens BuyItNow! Remington Single Shell (U) .25 - .25 Stevens BuyItNow! Stevens Single Shell U.M.C. Union Metallic Cartridge .25-25 - .25 Stevens BuyItNow! Stevens Single Shell US Cartridge (US) .25 Long Rimfire - .25 Stevens BuyItNow!

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