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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of belt do you use for sanding?

The abrasive -embedded nylon mesh gives you maximum control over sanding pressure. These belts have a cushioned layer. The premium abrasive stays sharp longer.

What makes a premium abrasive belt last longer?

The premium abrasive stays sharp longer. These belts resist deterioration when used with water or cutting fluids. The widely spaced grains prevent dust and debris from building up on the abrasive surface. Multiple layers of abrasive arranged in a pattern create highly consistent finishes.

Can a narrow belt be used on a backstand?

Narrow belts are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to fit most backstand and benchstand grinders in a range of grits for most dimensioning, intermediate grinding and polishing applications. Some designs include a reversible butt splice joint so that you can use the belt in either direction for extended product life.

What can VSM belt sleeves be used for?

VSM produces belts from file belts-to wide belts and from abrasive sleeves to long belts. They are supplied on cloth and paper backings and are suitable for levelling weld seams, deburring work, grinding castings, grinding out flaws and producing the perfect finish.

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