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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 2e mean in education?

Although 2e can refer to any general disability, it is often used to refer to students with learning disabilities, although research is not limited to these areas, and a more holistic view of 2e can help move the field forward.

What is 2e or twice-exceptional?

So anyway, what is 2E or twice-exceptional. A 2e student, or a 2e learner, or a 2e kid is somebody who has two exceptionalities. In the education world, giftedness is considered an exceptionality as are learning disabilities.

What are the characteristics of a 2e student?

In the case of behavioral/socioemotional, rather than cognitive problems, both strengths and deficits can be intensified. A 2e student's grades commonly alternate between high and low, sometimes within the same subject. The child might have advanced vocabulary and ideas but be unable to organize those ideas and express them on paper.

What are the challenges of 2e students?

But 2E students often have uneven skills. They may do really well in one area, like math, but have trouble with processing speed, social skills or following directions. Without explicit instruction in those areas, it doesn’t matter how hard 2E kids try—they’re still going to have trouble.

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