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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 305 engine any good?

The 305 Chevy engine has a lot of potential as a good engine, with a lot of options and customizations that can help to increase overall power. Though it may not compete as well with larger-displacement engines, it can still deliver plenty of power, despite its smaller bore size.

What are 305 tires?

305/55R20 Tires. 305/55R20 tires have a diameter of 33.2", a section width of 12.0", and a wheel diameter of 20". The circumference is 104.3" and they have 608 revolutions per mile.

What is a 305 Chevy engine?

The Chevy 305 Engine was released in 1976 as a 305 cubic inch (5.7L) engine and was manufactured and used in Chevrolet and other GM vehicles until 1992. The Chevy 305 is one of the most popular and successful engines ever produced by Chevrolet, and is still in high demand today.

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