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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some facts about the number 313?

There are many other facts about number 313 in mathematics, but this number also appear in other fields. For example, number 313 is used as a telephone area code for Detroit city in the United States of America. A number 313 is also used in the car plate of Donald Duck.

Who is the rapper with the area code 313?

Rappers from Detroit, especially Eminem, often mention the 313 code in their songs in reference to this area and its notoriety. One of the tracks from his 1996 independent debut solo album Infinite is titled "313".

Is there an overlay for area code 313?

313 is one of the few urbanized area codes without an overlay, making Detroit one of the few major cities where seven-digit dialing would still be possible. Area code 679 has been reserved as a future overlay for the 313 territory.

What does it mean when your Guardian Angel says 313?

Your guardian angels are asking you to hold on just a little bit tighter. Better days are coming. The meaning of number 313 also signifies there will be healing and forgiveness. You will finally find a way to forgive one another for the hurts you’ve caused, and you will be starting over with a clean slate.

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