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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the CPT code 33284?

Reimbursement and Billing Instructions. Use CPT code 33284 with revenue code 360 to bill for removal of the device. Physician’s charges for the surgery should be billed by the physician on a professional claim.

What do the codes 33285 and 33286 mean?

While codes 33285 and 33286 refer to subcutaneous continuous cardiac rhythm monitors, these codes are also applicable for reporting implant and explant services associated with older implantable/insertable loop recorder (ILR) devices where medically appropriate.

What is the place of service code 33282?

CPT 33282 is payable in the inpatient and outpatient settings of a hospital facility (Place of Service codes 21 and 22). The hospital bills for the costs associated with the device and implant procedure, and the physician bills for the professional services associated with the implant procedure and its 90-day global period.

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