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Frequently Asked Questions

What is § 35a-1105?

§ 35A-1105.   Petition before clerk. A verified petition for the adjudication of incompetence of an adult, or of a minor who is within six months of reaching majority, may be

What is chapter 35A of the Florida General Statutes?

Chapter 35A - Incompetency and Guardianship. The General Statutes include changes through July 13, 2020. General Statutes published on this website are not official.

What is § 35a-1103 of the Georgia code?

§ 35A-1103.   Jurisdiction; venue. (a)        The clerk in each county shall have original jurisdiction over proceedings under this Subchapter, subject to the rules set forth in Article 2 of Chapter 35B of the General Statutes.

What is Ra 35a-1217?

§ 35A-1217. Appointment of guardian ad litem for incompetent ward. G.S. 35A-1218 through G.S. 35A-1219: Reserved for future codification purposes. § 35A-1218: Reserved for future codification purposes. § 35A-1219: Reserved for future codification purposes.

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