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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the model number of the 35ab00-daaa-1ba?

Model Number Voltage Connector 35A-B00-DAAA-1BA 110 VAC 18" leads 35A-B00-DAAJ-1KJ 110 VAC 9.4 mm DIN connector, male only* 35A-B00-DDAA-1BA 24 VDC 18" leads 35A-B00-DDAJ-1RA 24VDC M12 connector, male only* Fixed Length Manifolds with Side Outlet Ports (p 1-5 for dimension detail)

What is a 35A AAA DAAA 1BA solenoid valve?

The Mac Valves 35A-AAA-DAAA-1BA solenoid valve is part of the 35 series from Mac Valves. This car wash solenoid valve has 1/8" ports, 120 voltage, and an 18" wire. Has a pressure range from 0-120 PSI and a temperature range from 0-120 degrees Fahrenheit.

What kind of solenoid is a Mac 35?

The MAC 35 series is a direct solenoid operated 3-way poppet valve. It features a short stroke solenoid, a balanced poppet and powerful return spring. These features translate into high shifting forces, fast consistent response times, and long life.

What is the model number of the ebm35 port?

Model Number No. of Stations Ports EBM35A-001A-02 2 1/8" NPT EBM35A-001A-04 4 1/8" NPT EBM35A-001A-06 6 1/8" NPT M-35004 Blank station plate - Valves for Manifold Mounting Fixed Length Manifold with "BA" Valve Option

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