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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Change my user ID for 365 online?

Can I change my User ID for 365 online? No. When you set up 365 online banking you were given a unique number known as a user ID. All of your accounts and actions on 365 online are linked to that number and relate only to you, even if you have a joint account.

What is GoDaddy email essentials?

Email Essentials. This plan was created just for GoDaddy — it's not available anywhere else. It enables professional email built on your domain name, calendar and contacts to sync across mobile devices and email clients. It comes with 5GB of email storage.

Can I access my email from the web?

If you want to check your email right on your current browser without configuring any additional software, then webmail is the right thing for you. With Webmail you can use your email from any computer with Internet access and is a great option if you are on vacation or on a business trip to still have access to your mail at all times.

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