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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose 3M rubber electrical tapes?

3M Rubber Electrical Tapes are designed to stretch, which improves compression that results in the strong self-fusion that provides great insulation and moisture protection. Self-bonding helps makes an air and watertight seal.

What thickness vinyl electrical tape should I use?

Thicker premium vinyl electrical tapes are typically used as primary low voltage insulation. Even thicker 8.5 and 10 mil heavy-duty vinyl electrical tapes will provide extra padding as well as excellent protection in rough environments where your cables and splices are prone to abrasion and punctures.

How much does vinyl tape stretch before breaking?

Good stretch equals tensile strength. That means pliability and good conformance while making a smooth, uniform and professional wrap. A premium vinyl tape stretches to more than twice its original length — up to 250%—before breaking.

What is the minimum required stretch for tape?

The UL minimum requirement for tape stretch is 150%. Premium vinyl tape goes to great lengths to conform, seal, and resist contaminant ingress. And because they stretch so well, they are less likely to break during application which saves time, materials and frustration on the job.

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