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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 4000 footer mountain in New Hampshire?

A 4,000 footer is a mountain that has an elevation of at least 4,000 feet and a minimum of 200 feet prominence. All criteria is determined by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). You can earn a hiking patch for hiking all 48 of the New Hampshire 4,000 Footers, also known as the NH48.

What are the 4000 Footers?

The New Hampshire 4,000 footers sit in many different mountain ranges including the Carter Moriah Range, Franconia Range, Western White Mountains ( Kinsman Range ), Northern Ranges ( Pilot Range, Pliny Range ), Presidential Range, Pemigewasset Wilderness, Twin Range, Sandwich Range and the Willey Range. © 2015.

What is the best book to hike the 4000 Footers?

If you are serious about hiking the 4000-footers, you absolutely need to own this fantastic guidebook: The 4000-Footers of the White Mountains. This book describes all of the trails that climb each peak. There is also information on how to climb all the peaks in winter. This is easily one of the finest hiking guidebooks ever made.

Where can I camp on the 4000-footer?

AMC’s High Mountain Huts, as well as backcountry campsites, are near trails leading to some of the most remote peaks on the 4,000-footer list and are a safe and cozy overnight option. Just consult your map and guide for more information on which huts and campsites are near which trails.

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