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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you run a 3000 watt generator?

Real-life example For Home Use. During a prolonged power outage, a 3000-watt portable generator can run the necessary appliances of your home. RV life. Moreover, the devices of RV are lighter than the home. ... Tailgating. For successful and enjoyable tailgating, a generator is a much-needed item. ... Garage Tool. ... Office Appliances. ...

What is the best portable generator?

After spending over 30 hours researching more than 11 inverter generators and testing three, we’ve found that the Honda EU2000i is the best portable generator for camping, tailgating, working outside, or providing basic backup power in emergencies.

What size generator do I Need?

If you need to power a refrigerator, microwave, sump pump, and lights, then a 5,000-7,000 watt generator should be sufficient. If you want to run more power-hungry items such as a water heater or air conditioning unit, you will need to look at a 10,000-watt model.

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