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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vehicle Code 4000?

The reason for asking proof of valid registration is California vehicle code section 4000 a 1 vc . Basically, it is a violation of California vehicle code section 4000 (a) (1) for any person to drive a vehicle on a public road without having the vehicle registered with the DMV.

What are Vehicle Code 40508a warrants?

What is an FTA VC 40508 (a)? An FTA is a warrant or hold for Failure To Appear in court on a traffic ticket . When you are issued a traffic ticket and you fail to deal with it by the due date, you will then most likely:- Be charged with VC 40508 (a) of the California Vehicle Code, FTA - Failure to Appear - a misdemeanor (a criminal offence),

What is the California Vehicle Code?

The California Vehicle Code, informally referred to as the Veh. Code or the CVC, contains almost all statutes relating to the operation, ownership and registration of vehicles (including bicycles and even animals when riding on a public roadway) in the state of California in the United States.

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