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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about the 400m?

Combine the 400m with four athletes, a baton, and a heated rivalry, and now you have one of the most exciting events to race or watch. Either way, in the open 400m or the mile relay (4X400m), the track athlete has to have a great combination of power, acceleration, speed, and long speed endurance in order to be successful in this event.

What's the world record for men's 400 m?

The men's T43 Paralympic world record of 45.07 seconds is held by Oscar Pistorius. An Olympic double of 200 metres and 400 m was first achieved by Valerie Brisco-Hooks in 1984, and later by Marie-José Pérec of France and Michael Johnson from the United States on the same evening in 1996.

What kind of event is the 400 meter dash?

The 400 metres, or 400 metre dash, is a sprinting event in track and field competitions.

Is there a way to run the 400m faster?

However, the greatest challenge in the 400m is not only fine tuning the energy system training, but teaching athletes how to actually race the 400m faster so they can be successful beyond 200m-300m. Before any athlete learns how to run the 400m faster, it is important that they understand the value of the start and the acceleration in their race.

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