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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ammunition for home defense?

Buckshot is generally the best choice for home defense, in particular 00 (“double ought”) buckshot. In a standard 2.75″ 12 gauge shell, there are nine .33 caliber pellets, meaning that firing one 00 buckshot shell is roughly equivalent to firing nine rounds from a .32 caliber handgun.

Who really has 410 GA ammo?

Some shotgun owners even use 410 ammo for home-defense since it has enough power to stop a threat but poses less risk of damaging or harming whatever is behind your target. Keep your weapon loaded with high-0qaulity .410 shotgun shells from top brands like Winchester, HEVI-Shot, and Remington.

What size are 410 shotgun shells?

What are the dimentions of a .410 shotgun shell. Typical dimensions of .410 Shotshell: RIM OD: 13.35 mm, Head OD: 11.91 mm, Mouth:11.57-11.87 mm, Lenght:51, 64, 76 mm.

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