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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shotgun shells for home defense?

There are three types of shotgun ammunition; buckshot, birdshot and slug. The best type of shotgun ammunition for home defense is buckshot. These are basically large lead balls inside shells that get loaded into the shotgun.

What is the best 12 gauge home defense ammo?

A Lightfield rubber slug is the best 12 gauge home defense ammo option for people who want less-lethal ammunition. It will stop most attackers, but they have a decent chance of surviving. The rubber slug has a muzzle velocity of about 600 FPS and is intended primarily for use at room distance.

What is a 410 shotgun shell?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The .410 bore or .410 gauge, is the second-smallest caliber of shotgun shell commonly available. A .410 bore shotgun loaded with shot shells is well suited for small game hunting and pest control.

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