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Frequently Asked Questions

When did HFC R-410A refrigerant come out?

However, if the system was manufactured after 2010 then it most likely takes the HFC R-410A. Again, it is always best to check for the sticker to identify exactly what kind of refrigerant you are dealing with.

Is the refrigerant R-410A toxic or flammable?

Is R-410A Toxic or Flammable? No. Just like R-22 the new R-410A is rated as an A1 classification by ASHRAE. A means non-toxic and 1 means non-flammable. For more information on toxicity and flammability ratings of refrigerants click here for an article I wrote the other day. Who Manufactures R-410A? There are a lot of manufacturers for R-410A.

What do you need to know about refrigeration fluid R410a?

About Refrigerant R410A (HFC) 1 Refrigeration fluids. Though not all basic elements are adequate for forming a refrigeration fluid connection. ... 2 R-410A. Unlike many haloalkane refrigerants it does not contribute to ozone depletion, and is therefore widely used. 3 Toshiba air-conditioners use the refrigeration fluid R410A. ...

Where is the best place to store R-410A refrigerant?

Storage requirements for R-410A are the same as other refrigerants. Cylinders should be stored in a clean, dry area, and out of direct sunlight. If you have cylinders in the back of your work van ensure that the temperature does not rise above one-hundred and twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

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