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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the form 4810?

Purpose of Form Use Form 4810 to request prompt assessment of tax. Attach to your request the documentation requested on Form 4810. If you prefer to use your own format, your request must list the same information as requested on this form and include the applicable attachments.

When to file Form 4810, request for prompt assessment?

About Form 4810, Request for Prompt Assessment Under IR Code Section 6501(d) A fiduciary representing a dissolving corporation or a decedent's estate files this form to request a prompt assessment of tax. Form 4810.

When to file Form 4810 with form 5495?

By filing Form 4810 simultaneously (but separately) with Form 5495 the PR benefits the estate and its beneficiaries in addition to providing the PR with the added protection of discharge from personal liability. However, filing Form 4810 does not extend the regular statute beyond three years from the date the return is filed.

Where to file Form 4810 for gift tax?

Where to File Form 4810 Send your request to the Internal Revenue Service Center where you filed the returns for which you are requesting prompt assessment. However, if this is related to gift tax reported on a Form 709, send to: Internal Revenue Service Stop 824G 7940 Kentucky Drive Florence, KY 41042‐2915

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